Cascade Shower Panels in Orpington

Shower panels are prefabricated wall systems used in bathrooms and showers. As a waterproof barrier and a contribution to the overall design of the bathroom, these panels serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Other elements in a shower can also be called “shower panels,” including decorative panels, backsplashes, or glass panels. Budget, design preferences, ease of maintenance, and the overall layout of the bathroom will all play a role in choosing the type of shower panel.

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Shower Panels

Classic Range Shower Panels

Classic Range Shower Panels

Premium Range Shower Panels


Key features:

Does Not Accommodate Algae Growth Easy to Install
UV Weather Stable Properties Made Using Eco-Friendly Materials
Does Not Rot, Splinter or Warp A wide choice of colour available

Ideal for:

Refurbishment / renovation schemes
Commercial & Residential
Lodge & residential homes

Some examples of our products:

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