Hygiene Sheeting in Orpington

Hygiene sheeting is a material or sheet used to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. In healthcare facilities, laboratories, food processing facilities, and cleanrooms, hygiene is crucial. Based on application requirements, the term encompasses a wide variety of materials. Depending on the environment, level of hygiene, and compliance with regulatory requirements, hygiene sheeting can be manufactured from plastics, polymers, composites, or coated fabrics.

As a result, the exact characteristics and applications of hygiene sheeting may vary according to the industry or specific use case, as the term may be interpreted differently in different contexts. For accurate information, consult the manufacturer’s product specifications and guidelines.

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Hygiene Sheeting

Key features:

Does Not Accommodate Algae Growth Easy to Install
UV Weather Stable Properties Made Using Eco-Friendly Materials
Does Not Rot, Splinter or Warp A wide choice of colour available

Ideal for:

Refurbishment / renovation schemes
Commercial & Residential
Lodge & residential homes

Some examples of our products:

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