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The skirting boards, which are also called baseboards or base molding, are architectural elements that meet the floor at the bottom of interior walls. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in residential and commercial buildings. In order to complement the overall design of a space, skirting boards come in a variety of materials, styles, and heights.

It is not unusual for skirting boards to be used in interior design, and their presence can make a significant contribution to a room’s overall aesthetic appeal. Depending on the interior decor and architectural features of the space, homeowners and designers can choose skirting boards that match their style and material.

Skirting Boards

Window Boards

Under a window, there is a piece of wood, called a window sill. Window boards and window sills hide where the plaster on your window aperture meets the window frame. This is an essential part of any room. Unless otherwise specified, our window sills are made of high-density, moisture-resistant material and have a bullnose edge. So do you need a window board? Window sills cover the window reveal. External walls are usually thicker than a window. Because they are fitted flush with the outside of the wall, you have a reveal around the window. This gap is covered by a window sill fitted on the bottom reveals.

Window Boards

Window Boards

Key features:

Does Not Accommodate Algae Growth Easy to Install
UV Weather Stable Properties Made Using Eco-Friendly Materials
Does Not Rot, Splinter or Warp A wide choice of colour available

Ideal for:

Refurbishment / renovation schemes
Commercial & Residential
Lodge & residential homes

Some examples of our products:

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