Window Trims in Orpington

A window trim provides both a decorative frame and a functional element to complete a window. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. In addition, they assist in sealing gaps, protecting against moisture, and concealing the joint between the window frame and the surrounding walls. Homeowners and builders can choose from a variety of styles and materials for window trims so that they complement the interior and exterior of a house.

In addition to improving a home’s visual appeal, properly installed window trim can also help make it more energy-efficient and weatherproof. The choice of window trim depends on personal preferences, the style of the home, and practical considerations of the window’s location and exposure.

Window Trims

Key features:

Does Not Accommodate Algae Growth Easy to Install
UV Weather Stable Properties Made Using Eco-Friendly Materials
Does Not Rot, Splinter or Warp A wide choice of colour available

Ideal for:

Refurbishment / renovation schemes
Commercial & Residential
Lodge & residential homes

Some examples of our products:

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