OGEE Fascias

An OGEE fascia board is a type of fascia board commonly used for roofing and home construction. It is defined as a type of moulding profile with an S-shaped curve, often used decoratively in architecture. The OGEE profile gives a stylish and distinctive look to roofline edges in the context of fascias.

It is usually located where the roof meets the outer walls of a building. A fascia board is a horizontal board that runs along the roof’s edge. In addition to providing a finished appearance to the roof structure, it protects the inside of the building as well as the roof from the elements.

There is elegance to the overall design of a house when OGEE fascias are fitted with decorative mouldings that resemble the letter “S.” Depending on the homeowner’s or builder’s preferences.

The architectural style of the home, local climate conditions, and durability of the materials used should be considered when considering roofing and fascia options. For creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing roofline, OGEE fascias are just one of many design options.

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